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Demo RP Thread (Olivia/Jane/Students)

on Fri Feb 03, 2012 9:11 am
..Meanwhile in Paris Fifi was bored, the lavish party felt to be dragging on forever even after the fireworks had lit up La Tour Eiffel officials where still insisting upon taking up her time to tell her of their accomplishments during the war and how they felt inspired by Nicci's passionate speech to reclaim the spirit of France against the bitter mood of the ever looming financial crisis. Indeed talk of the European Council meeting seemed to be all that anyone wished to speak about. Well that and the women and reporters of course who wished only to know only who made her dress (a offering from the 2012 Matacore Alchemy Collection) shoes and any beauty, style tips and irrational questions on how she felt towards Nicci's speech. It was just like any other new years. Powerful people had lost their attraction to her after the first time, more often then not she ended up dwelling on the days where she would spend the holiday with her family, too far from the Champ de Mars to see the fireworks well but happy none the less.

She didn't mention to the reporters that the dress was both heavy and uncomfortable and made her back ache from where the boning was too tight. It was cold too, the outdoor party making her wish that Nicci had not insisted that they went down to the main group before the tower before returning to his Chateau to continue the celebrations. Fifi did not feel there was much to celebrate, she had been bogged down in the case of Ugo Iskna who had disappeared after her messup in England. Fifi did not like being made a fool of and it would only be a matter of time till she had him. Such a pity that she could not be on the case tonight, instead she was to make conversation and avoid Nicci's eye as he smoothtalked his way into the bed of whatever beautiful young witch caught his eye.

He of course would not be alone in such games, she had already cast her eye over the Quiberon Quafflepunchers to make a guess of which of the girls would take place on the National team. The rest however where not of her taste and so it seemed there would be nothing to entertain her until she could make a disappearance for her rondevu with Marty. Would she have to wait so long? She had already set her portkey having learnt her lesson about trying to use it while drunk and was a few drinks on her way to being tipsy when annoyance overcame her at the sign of Baron Yorick coming her way, no doubt to ask for a dance so he could choke her with his putrid breath. Forget it, Fifi turned tail and made her way out of the room, following the maze of corridors to the bathroom. Accioing her coat she wished for time to change but at any moment she could be discovered. Better to go now and hope that Marty would already be there despite how early it would be in New York, hours before midnight no doubt.

New Years was one event she never did need a time turner for, just a portkey as she disappeared from after midnight to land lightly in New York City, hours of time before the ball was due to drop and celebrations reached their head. "Ai am sorry to be so early" She explained unbuckling her coat as she walked in ignorant to the looks she was getting, her dress felt ridiculous in such company but she did her best to ignore it.. though it did make sitting rather uncomfortable as the stiffness forced her back to arch in what was supposed to be a 'alluring display' "Nicci's new year ball" she said gesturing to her gown, "He says he is sorry that you did not gain a invite but there was certain people of whom would refuse to be in the presence of once such as yourself" it was all too obvious what she meant. While Marty had managed to gain a bit of fame in the Wizarding World there was no question that amongst the elite he was still very much a Muggle.

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