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One week to go!

(in crazy rug-advert shoutyguy voice)

It's always quietest before the storm.. or at least that's what folks say. Either way it's only a week.. yes a week.. one.. tiny ittle week before PIRATE DAY and everything is sent into utter disarray as pirates take over the site.

I'm worried already!

In the meantime it's busy busy, poor me's been sick this week (curse my luck) but with almost everything ready to go there's no question it's going to be another big and exciting pirates adventure.

Outside of pirates it's a bit of a slow news week, for those of you guys who've been getting behind on posts (myself being exhibit A) it's a good reminder to get motivated and see about getting back in the swing of it all again.

It's also a good time to help each other out, whether for inspiration for a character or plot or though offering to take on a needed role such as character adoptions, teachers, Ministry people or just a character you really think would be useful to help broaden the world. Diversity is the spice of life so it's great to see such a wide range of characters from different backgrounds.

Meanwhile one big ongoing project M's been working in the background (usually at work when she can get away with it Razz) is a site redesign.

The most important piece of the puzzle however is that I need to know how you guys use the site, what you like and what you'd prefer changed.

It could be anything from a button that's hard to find or is confusing. things on the side menu you think are useful or hate.

Other things to note would be features you think would be great (even if they sound impossible) things you've seen on other sites and think might work well or even ideas for colour schemes or backgrounds.

...aaaaaaaaaaand in other news we clicked over the ONE THOUSAND MARK. Which is utterly brilliant. For those who read the earlier blog post I'm afraid "Q" managed to beat in to get the loot.. so congrats to "Q" who nabs the Vegemite and Tim-Tams. Now I'm going to have to dream up more foodieprizes ain't I?

So for the next week remember to catch up on sleep.. get active(isn't that a contradiction in terms?) and be ready to Arrrrrrrr because it's all happening, Pirates are coming wooooooT!

- M

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Behind The Scenes Blog Post Pbucket
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